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"Ua Mau ke Ea o ka`Aina i ka Pono"
"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

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The Polynesians utilized double hulled sailing canoes to venture across the Pacific searching for new lands to settle. Interestingly, Woody Brown, and Rudy Choy, the designer of the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran, were inspired by Hawaiian Sailing canoes to design and build the first modern ocean going catamarans.

The main Hawaiian Islands are thought to have been discovered by ancient Polynesians, probably from the Marquesas, somewhere around the 3rd century A.D. The first Heiau, or temple was built on the Big Island of Hawai`i in 500 A.D. to worship their two primary gods, Ku, the god of war and Lono, the god of peace and agriculture. By 850 A.D. the main Hawaiian Islands were mostly settled. The Polynesians were accomplished ocean voyages and explorers long before the Europeans had ventured far from land.

Tahitians came to the Hawaiian Islands around 1200 A. D. and conquered the islands and the people. The Tahitian priest Pa'ao started the "kahuna nui" or high-priest line which initiated a ruling king for each island. He instituted a stricter “Kapu” system, or system of law. They worshiped four primary gods, Kane, the God of Life; Ku, the God of War; Lono, the God of Agriculture; and Kanaloa, the God of the Ocean. They enforced a much stricter division of society and classes.

The Polynesian voyagers carried with them all the supplies needed to settle new lands. They used the stars, the sun, wave patterns and birds to navigate and find new islands and their way across the vast Pacific Ocean. . It is thought their voyages were mostly inspired by over population of the islands were they lived. They are thought to have journeyed as far as South America where they found sweet potato, which became a staple of their diet.

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