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Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Photo by Caitlin Faulkner shot from aboard Royal Hawaiian Catamaran

Hawaiian Sea Turtles
Hawaii Green Sea Turtles
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Hawaii Sea Turtles

Snorkeling with Hawaiian
Green Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtles

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Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles
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Threats currently facing sea turtles include:

• destruction of coral reef
• loss of nesting beaches through human development activities
• pollution of the oceans by chemicals and garbage
• harvesting of turtles for their shells, leather, and meat
• poaching of turtle eggs
• death in driftnets, gillnets, longline fishing gear, shrimp trawling nets, and other fishing gear
• a mysterious and fatal disease called fibropapilloma, whose cause and cure are still unknown, and which is at epidemic levels in parts of Hawaii and Florida, and other areas of the world.

Sea Turtles References and Links

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